Importing Outlook Notes into ACT - Removing extra carriage returns

When trying to import notes from contacts in Outlook into ACT you may find it is not working correctly. The reason that notes do not always import from Outlook into ACT! is the format in which Outlook exports the notes. Outlook exports extra characters such as carriage returns and line breaks that interfere with the import. These extra characters must be removed before importing it into ACT!.

To remove the carriage returns and line breaks that are causing the issues, you will need to export your Outlook data to a Excel CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, create a temporary macro to scan this file to remove any of these characters from the document, and then import into ACT!.

Export Outlook Contact Data:

The first step is to export the contacts as a Comma Separated Values (DOS) file. Use the following steps:

1. Click Contacts on the left navigation bar in Outlook. The Contacts view appears.
Removing Unnecessary Characters:

Once the CSV file has been created, you can use Microsoft Excel to clean up formatting issues in the file. Use the following steps:

Duplicate Matching Criteria:

: The amount of time required for an import is dependent on the amount of data being imported (Contacts, Activities, Notes/History, Opportunities, and so on), the speed of the computer performing the import, and the available network bandwidth if accessing a database stored on a network drive. Please do not interrupt the process.

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