Fix for Cannot find Supplemental File share after reboot/relogon

Getting ACT! to share a database in a Windows network that is not a Windows Domain can be touchy.

Each user needs to have a user ID created on the ACT! Server machine that is identical to the user ID and password that they sign on to when they log on to their individual workstation.

However, it appears that on some (most) Vista machines this is not enough.

Attempts to set up a "reconnect at logon" Map a Network Drive also appears to not be enough as Vista does not/will not buffer the network password but requires it to be reentered from the keyboard after every reboot.

The fix is to put the info in a Batch Command file and invoke that file from the Startup folder. Here is what to do:

With Notepad create a ReconnectACT.CMD file in the user's My Documents folder. It needs the following content:
NET USE Z: "\\<ActServer>\<ActDBName>-Database files" <password> /u:<ActServer>\<User>

Then create a shortcut to this file in the Startup folder.

The string <ActServer> is the Windows name of the ACT! Database server. The <ActDBName> string is the ACT! Database name. These are the fields that appear in the PAD file.

The <User> and <password> strings need to be the user ID and password respectively as defined in the ACT! database server.