Cannot delete messages in Outlook Express

When you cannot delete emails in Outlook Express it may be caused by a corrupted inbox or email.

First thing to try is holding down the SHIFT key while clicking the DEL (delete) key. This forces a real delete. If that fails, then you have the corrupted inbox.

You'll need to save everything in your inbox somewhere else because when you delete the inbox they go away. Here's how you do this.

1. Open Outlook Express and save or move any messages you want from the Inbox.

2. Click on Tools>Options>Maintenance tab>Store Folder.

3. On the Store Location box, highlight the address by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard until the address is highlighted.

4. Press Control+C (both at the same time) to copy the address to the clipboard.

5. Click Cancel on all boxes and close Outlook Express.

6. Click on Start>Run.

7. Press Control+V (both at the same time) to paste the address into the command line and click OK.

8. The store folder containing all the DBX files should open.

9. Find the one named Inbox and delete it. When you next open Outlook Express a new Inbox will be created and hopefully that will solve the problem