ACT 2006/2007/2008 email issues

The following are possible causes/solutions from various emails.

1) Word as the HTML editor must be turned off, as it was with ACT! 6

2) Disable "Cache Exchange Mode" in Outlook - evidentially this will not work with ACT! 2005, which won't make ACT!/exchange users happy at all (still no word for sure if it will work in some cases and not others or what?) -

3) Antivirus - "excluding the ACT 2005 database from being scanned in auto protect because this is a SQL data source and most AV programs do not scan SQL data.",ACT!,E-mail,has,encountered

4) Problem with the email addresses in ACT! - This is probably bad email addresses. That was a problem with ACT! 6 and it caused similar problems because the e-mail index that was passed to Outlook had problems, etc. You might try exporting email addresses to Excel and then looking for irregular or improper email addresses.

5) MDAC - "In our experience this is an MDAC issue. We are installing in selection or diagnostic mode so all the mdac and .net stuff gets installed correctly.
Run the attached component checker and We will bet you find some mismatched files. Get those corrected and We think you should be OK. Just rename the thing to cc_pkg.exe. It will install and run.

There is some more info on Microsoft's site. Another issue is when the client uses Outlook in cache mode. This is where they have a laptop and want to take their mail with them.

The component checker will tell you if the files installed on the machine match what is supposed to be there. For instance if you have a Win2K workstation (which uses MDAC 2.8 RTM) it will compare what ought to be installed with what is actually installed.

Copy mdac_typ.exe (the full mdac installer available from Microsoft) to the desktop. Go into selective startup mode and install mdac. Re-run the component checker and reboot in normal startup mode. You should be OK. The problem is that more than ACT is being installed and it has to be done right or there will be an issue.