No History Created When Sending E-mail from Microsoft® Outlook® 2003, 2007, or 2010

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You send an e-mail using Outlook 2003 or 2007 as either the mail client in ACT! or ACT! integrated with Outlook 2003 or 2007 and find no History has been created.

There can be more than one possible cause for this issue:
Administrative Preferences (Sage ACT! 2011 & Higher)

In Sage ACT! 2011, an additional Administrative preference was added to allow or disallow files and emails to be attached to the database. If this setting is not checked, then emails will not attach to history for the user on the machine where this preference is set. To check this setting, you must be logged into the Sage ACT! database as an Administrator user:

Act.Outlook.Service.exe is Not Running

This can be caused if the Act.Outlook.Service.exe is not running.

Crl+Alt+Delete and open the Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab and look for Act.Outlook.Service.exe is running. If not, open a Windows Explorer window and browse to C:\Program Files\ACT\ACT for Windows and double-click Act.Outlook.Service.exe to start the service.

You can also verify that the Act.Outlook.Service.exe service is set to automatically start when you start up or reboot your computer. Follow these steps to verify this setting:

ACT! Address Book Not Properly Added to Outlook

Outlook emails will not record in ACT! history if the address book for your ACT! database has not been properly added to Outlook. Please see the following Knowledgebase articles for the procedure to add the ACT! address book to Outlook:

Microsoft Word is Set as your E-Mail Editor (with Outlook 2003)

For users integrating with Outlook 2003 (this option is not available in Outlook 2007), this can also occur if you have Microsoft Word® set to edit your e-mail message in Outlook. You must disable this option. Use the following steps:

The following information is provided as a convenience. Sage does not provide support for Microsoft Products. For more information on this topic go to

: Images in your version of Outlook may differ slightly from the ones used in this Answer. Note: This is not an option with Outlook 2010.

History Queue Folder

This issue can occur if the ACT! History Queue folder is backed up. The History Queue is a directory that email messages "pass through" between Outlook and ACT!. If there are messages that have become stuck in the History Queue folder, this can prevent ensuing messages from passing through to ACT! history. Follow the steps below to clear up the History Queue:

File path to HistoryQueue folder is incorrect in registry

This issue can occur is the path to the HistoryQueue folder is incorrect or missing in the Windows Registry. Follow these steps to verify and correct if needed:

ACT! Outlook Add-in Disabled

ACT! and other programs use a mechanism called an add-in to integrate directly with Outlook®. If the add-in for ACT! has been disabled in Outlook®, then this can be a cause for Outlook® emails not recording in ACT! history. Please click on the link below for your version of Outlook® to determine if the ACT! add-in is disabled:

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Macro Security

To attempt to resolve this issue, reduce the macro security level to test if the ACT! add-in is being blocked from running.

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