ACT Sync Timeout settings

If syncs are timing out because of mass updates to databases, here are some parameters and changes that will help.

First off, does the timeout error say "client or server" timeout error. It depends on that message as to what gets fixed.

If it's client - you adjust timeouts using ACTNdiag at the client machine (replace the N with the appropriate version number).

If it's server, it also depends on whether it's Application, network or internet sync. There are a bunch of setting for them, each different depending on which type of sync is running.

For application sync, you need to adjust the timeout values for Database commandTimeout.Default using ACTNdiag.

For network sync you change the Act.Framework.Synchronization.Service.exe.config file (located in the Program files\ACT\ACT for windows\ACT Network sync folder) using Notepad.

For Internet sync you change the app.config file (located in the Program files\ACT\ACT for windows\ACT Internet sync folder) using Notepad.

The entry you want to adjust is the "DatabaseCommandTimeOutDefault" value - change it from 30 to something like 900. You can go up as high as 3600, but it is advisable to "creep up" on the timeouts.

Here's what you paste into the two files noted above. Add the following lines to the file just above the <runtime> parameter

<!-- Database Timeout values are in seconds so a value of 30 will be 30 seconds -->
<add key="DatabaseCommandTimeOut.Default" value="30"/>
<add key="DatabaseConnectionTimeOut.Default" value="30"/>
<add key="DatabaseCommandTimeOut.Long" value="3600"/>